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What entities govern Country Place?


The Country Place Maintenance District and its Board of Trustees work with the Offices of Management & Budget for Hillsborough County for the care and upkeep of our parks, as well as the routine maintenance of the common areas and entranceways for Country Place. This includes, but is not limited to, signage, landscaping, and irrigation. The Country Place Community Association and its Board of Directors, in conjunction with Greenacre Property Management, collects dues, enforces deed restrictions, and assist in the coordination of general community activities within Country Place, such as meetings, garage sales, social activities, and joint initiatives with Country Place Park Recreation Center (Central Park).


Who do I contact to report deed restriction violations?

Greenacre Properties, Inc. manages deed restriction violations. CLICK HERE to report a violation online


Who do I contact regarding any changes to my house and/or property?

All exterior modifications (including pavers, paint, room additions, pool installation, etc.) require approval from the Country Place Architectural Review Committee to ensure that the modifications are in compliance with the established deed restrictions. This ensures the continued value and desirability of the entire community. For questions regarding changes, contact Greenacre Properties Inc at 813-600-1100.

Who do I contact regarding CPCA dues?

Greenacre Properties at can answer questions about CPCA dues: 813-600-1100.

Additionally, Greenacre Properties's Online Services provides a secure area devoted to serving Country Place homeowners. HERE you can pay your dues online, review your statement, and manage other communications directly with Greenacre Properties.

Note: For security reasons, you will need to establish a separate account with Greenacre Properties. The site will guide you through the registration process.


Who do I contact regarding Country Place entrances, signage, common areas, landscaping, irrigation, etc?

The Country Place Maintenance District handles routine maintenance issues for these areas. The Board of Trustees meets the second Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Bill Castens Gymnasium Conference Room – 15546 Spring Pine Dr, Tampa, FL 33624


Northdale Park & Recreation Center  – 15550 Spring Pine Dr, Tampa, FL  33624

 These meetings are open to the public. Their website is and search for Country Place Maintenance District.


Who do I contact regarding the newsletter, garage sales, community activities, etc.?

The Newsletter Committee oversees the publication of the newsletter. For advertising, editorial, or content information you may email the committee at Articles may be submitted online by logging onto this website and selecting the submission option under the "Features" menu.

For information about activities sponsored by our community association please see the online calendar or email the Social/Community Events Committee at


Who do we contact if we want to become involved with the CPCA?

You may contact the CPCA directly at or attend one of the monthly board meetings. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Northdale Sheriff's Office, 15610 Premier Drive.


Why have dues become mandatory?

Until a 2004 court ruling, association membership and dues were voluntary. Effective Feb. 20, 2007, association membership and dues became mandatory for every property owner in Country Place. These dues enable the association to enhance the value of the properties in the community by maintaining lawful standards and enforcing deed restrictions, as well as promoting pride and community awareness through social activities.


How much are annual CPCA dues?

Annual dues were set by property owners and approved by the board of directors at $125 per property, per year. The deadline to pay association dues is July 1. Greenacres Properties Inc. mails statements to property owners in advance of the deadline. If you did not receive a statement or if you have questions about association dues, contact Greenacres Properties Inc at 813-660-1100.


Will the budget be available to all residents of Country Place?

Yes. You may request a copy of the budget from Greenacres Properties Inc at 813-660-1100


What happens if a property owner does not pay association dues?

Late fees will be imposed. Unpaid late fees stemming from non-payment may result in a judgment that will prevent the future sale or refinancing of the property. Accumulated late fees and associated costs such as legal fees and interest levied by the judgment must be paid prior to closing on the property.


If I lease my home, must I pay association dues?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to pay dues. You may assist your landlord by forwarding any association or management company correspondence that may have arrived in your mail. Nevertheless, your landlord’s place of residence will be located and logged so they will receive timely correspondence from the management company.


I am a landlord and own more than one home in Country Place – must I pay association dues for each address?

Yes. The budget is appropriated according to the number of properties in Country Place. Therefore, every address is required to pay dues.


May I pay association dues all at once as opposed to sending in separate payments for each address?

Yes, you may pay all at once – just be sure to include the statement pertaining to each property address you own.


How is it possible to hire a property management company with such low membership dues?

The CPCA Board of Directors has painstakingly researched, interviewed, negotiated, and selected the property management company best suited to manage Country Place. Additionally, a reserve fund had been established to ease the future transition of operations to the property management company.


What happens if a property owner does not comply with deed restrictions?

A court order may be imposed to remedy non-compliance. The property owner must pay all costs associated with bringing a property into compliance. Unpaid costs stemming from non-payment may result in a judgment that will prevent the future sale or refinancing of the property. Accumulated costs levied by the judgment must be paid prior to closing on the property.


Are there any examples of what constitutes a landscape-related violation?

Yes. While some landscape violations are subtle and may vary with season or weather conditions, others are blatant. It is these obvious violations that are not tolerated. CLICK HERE to view a set of PDF files that show some well-maintained properties and contrast them with others in violation.


We received a deed restriction violation notice for leaving garbage cans out on non-collection days when my neighbor’s house should be condemned – what is being done about this?

Greenacre Property Management and your CPCA are working to bring all properties into compliance. If you receive a violation notice, please take care of the problem. Greenacre Property Management oversees enforcement so that issues will be taken care of in a uniform, effective, efficient, and timely manner.


Am I "grandfathered" if, when I purchased my home, pre-existing conditions violated deed restrictions?

No. If a homeowner purchased a home with pre-existing conditions that are in violation of CPCA covenants, or if a homeowner recently made changes to the home or property that are in violation of CPCA covenants, the homeowner is responsible for bringing the property into compliance. If the property is not brought into compliance, resulting liens on the property will prevent the sale or refinance of the property until compliance is met. Additionally, associated costs such as legal fees and interest levied by compliance efforts will be paid by the property owner. Examples include, but are not limited to, fencing, walls, barriers, attached or detached structures, buildings, or barns, architectural enhancements, and renovations. If you are uncertain of any pre-existing conditions, please contact Greenacre Properties Inc at 813-600-1100. 


How do I report potholes, road debris, damaged or missing street signs, malfunctioning traffic signals and other related issues.?

Please follow this LINK: 

How do I report a street lights out defective or purple lights?


As recommended by the Board for residents to report streetlight outages or the defective blue/purple lights.

You can report defective lights just like you would a bulb that has gone out, you’ll be asked to write down the intersection closest to the light and the 10-digit number found on the pole. The light will be changed within five days after the form is submitted


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